The national roll out of Enabling Good Lives (EGL) is a key program of work for us, ensuring all eligible disabled New Zealanders and their families/whānau have access to creating good lives for themselves.

Enabling Good Lives was established in 2011 with the aim of supporting disabled people to live the lives they want and ensuring they are able to actively participate in society.

EGL is a principle-based approach that was developed by an independent working group of disabled people, whānau, tangata whenua and service providers.

The vision of the Enabling Good Lives approach is that in the future, disabled children and adults and their families will have greater choice and control over their supports and lives, and make more use of natural and universally available supports.

The intent of the Enabling Good Lives approach is to make changes so that disabled people and their families have control of their lives. This includes having the “say so” in how resources are used.

Five elements of the Enabling Good Lives approach

The EGL approach is based upon five elements, these are:

1. Self-directed planning and facilitation

All supports and services are led by the preferences, strengths, aspirations and needs of disabled people and their families. An aspiration-based personal plan is the main document to design and measure paid supports. While the core components of plans may be similar, plans might take different forms. These plans can be adapted as aspirations can change. Supports and services will also need to adapt in the way they assist people to build and maintain a good life.

An Independent Kaituhono/Connector can assist disabled people and their family/whānau to consider existing options and create new possibilities. The degree of involvement an individual or family has with a Connector is determined between the parties.

2. Cross-government individualised and portable funding

Disabled people and family/whānau have control of funding i.e. bulk funding, according to service type, will be replaced with individualised funding where people can choose how they create a good life for themselves. All government funders will contribute to one funding pool that is determined through a simple process of self-assessment (or supported self-assessment) and confirmation.

Disabled people and family/whānau will be able to move their funding as their preferences and needs change.

3. Considering the person in their wider context, not in the context of ‘funded support services’

Disabled people and family/whānau belong to networks, for example, family, friends and community. These networks are respected as being fundamental to identity, belonging and citizenship.

4. Strengthening families or whānau

There is direct investment in the networks of disabled people and their family/whānau . Resources are provided to assist understanding, educate and promote increased knowledge of options and how to maximise choice and control.

5. Community building to develop natural supports.

Disabled people are active and valued citizens with an everyday life in everyday places. Enabling Good Lives supports people to achieve desirable outcomes such as:

  • education and training
  • employment
  • being with friends
  • having relationships and a family
  • taking part in community
  • cultural activities.

Community (generic, mainstream) opportunities and assets are educated and supported to be inclusive and valuing of diversity.

National roll out

With demonstrations in the Waikato, MidCentral and Christchurch, it is evident that the EGL approach has made significant impacts on the lives of the disability community. EGL positions disabled people and whānau at the forefront where they are able to create a life of their choosing. Within the three EGL sites, it is important to note that the disability community is leading EGL in their region.

As EGL is rolled out, all disabled people receiving supports in Aotearoa will become eligible for an EGL approach. People disabled through accidents will continue to be served by ACC. The national rollout of EGL will mean that all regions will be able to socialise EGL in their community.

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