Reports to the Minister

Each month we publish the titles of all the reports that Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People provided to the Minister for Disability Issues, Minister Poto Williams. Find a list of these reports organised by month. If you would like to receive any of the reports, you need to make an Official Information Request. This process can be found on our contact us page.

October 2022

Title Report Number Date Received 
Aide memoire - Blind Citizens NZ AGM REP/22/10/938  7/10/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with the Speaker of the House of Representatives REP/22/10/986 21/10/2022
Aide memoire - International Initiative for Disability Leadership Exchange REP/22/10/990 21/10/2022
Social Wellbeing Cabinet Committee meeting REP/22/10/1016 21/10/2022
Employment, Education and Training Ministerial Group (EETMG) meeting REP/22/10/1000 26/10/2022
Meeting with Tōfa Mamao Collective REP/22/10/1009 26/10/2022
Meeting with Minister Tinetti REP/22/10/1035 27/10/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with New Zealand Sign Language Board REP/22/10/987 27/10/2022
Auckland Regional Visit - Auckland Council Disability Advisory Panel REP/22/10/1019 28/10/2022
Meeting with Be. Institute Charitable Trust REP/22/10/1020 28/10/2022
Meeting with Health and Disability Commissioner REP/22/10/1018 28/10/2022
I Lead and YES Disability REP/22/10/1017 28/10/2022

September 2022

Title Report Number Date Received 
Aide memoire - Meeting with Hon Grant Robertson REP/22/9/826  1/07/2022
Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People Joining Te Puna Aonui REP/22/8/786 1/09/2022
Aide memoire - Visit to Mana Whaikaha REP/22/9/836 6/09/2022
United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) – examination debrief REP/22/9/845 12/09/2022
Aide memoire - Parents of Vision Impaired (PVI) Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting REP/22/8/817 16/09/2022
Aide memoire - Linden School NZSL Bilingual provision visit REP/22/9/869 16/09/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with Autism New Zealand REP/22/9/868 18/09/2022
S9(2)(f)(iv) REP/22/9/873 19/09/2022
Aide memoire - Presentation by Minister Williams to MidCentral Regional Leadership forum: Enabling Good Lives in our Community: Safe Community REP/22/9/898 23/09/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with Workbridge REP/22/9/830 27/09/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with Dr Debbie Hager and activists: Violence against disabled people REP/22/9/899 28/09/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with NZ Disability Support Network (NZDSN) REP/22/9/920 28/09/2022
Aide memoire - Pacific Disability Provider - opening of Vaka Tautua’s new Christchurch Office REP/22/9/918 28/09/2022
Aide memoire - Employment, Education and Training Ministerial Group (EETMG) Meeting REP/22/9/909 29/09/2022

August 2022

Title Report Number Date Received
Meeting with Office for Disability Issues Parent/Whānau/Family Network REP/22/8/723 3/08/2022
Meeting with Minister for COVID-19 Response REP/22/8/730 8/08/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with Able NZ REP/22/8/733 15/08/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with Auckland Disability Community Organisations REP/22/8/751 15/08/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with Taikura Trust REP/22/9/852 15/08/2022
Aide memoire - Pacific Disability Providers & Groups - Pacific Talanoa Visit REP/22/8/753 15/08/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with CE of Inclusion Scotland, Edinburgh REP/22/8/758 19/08/2022
UNCRPD Delegation briefing pack n/a 19/08/2022
Aide memoire - meeting with the Minister for Transport and the Disabled Persons Assembly re: shortage of mobility taxis REP/22/8/794 29/08/2022
Aide memoire - Adecco Gala Dinner supporting Paralympics New Zealand REP/22/8/791 30/08/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with Deafblind Association New Zealand Charitable Trust REP/22/8/811 31/08/2022
Aide memoire - Pōwhiri for permanent Chief Executive REP/22/9/851 31/08/2022

July 2022

Title Report Number Date Received 
Aide memoire - Gisborne Regional Visit – CCS Disability Action REP/22/7/628  4/07/2022
Aide memoire - New Zealand Riding for the Disabled - 60 year Celebration REP/22/6/613  4/07/2022
NZSL Board Annual report 2022 REP/22/4/348  8/07/2022
Changes to the New Zealand Sign Language Board Terms REP/22/7/648 15/07/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with the DPO Coalition REP/22/7/665 20/07/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with the Disability Rights Commissioner REP/22/7/691 25/07/2022
Aide memoire - Emerge Aotearoa Team Meeting REP/22/7/692 28/07/2022

June 2022

Title Report Number Date Received 
Briefing to the Incoming Minister Disability Issues REP/22/6/549  17/06/2022
Key papers on Accelerating Accessibility and Disability System Transformation REP/22/6/558  17/06/2022
Aide memoire - New Zealand Sign Language Board Appointments  REP/22/6/581  21/06/2022
Aide memoire - Ministerial Leadership Group on Disability Issues REP/22/6/555  22/06/2022
Aide memoire - Meeting with the Office for Disability Issues REP/22/6/583 22/06/2022
Phrasing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi obligations in the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill REP/22/7/636 27/06/2022
Progress update on the Lead Toolkit, Accessibility Charter and Disability Data work programmes REP/22/5/485 28/06/2022
Ministry Partnership Approaches REP/22/6/594 30/06/2022